301/365 View Behind My Exercise Bike
I am beginning to ride it again now that the weather is cooler. I rode all winter periodically looking over my shoulder and crying about my missing twins and the waste of it all. Mom asked me a couple times if I wanted her to get rid of them for me. I wouldn’t let her responding that I just liked to “look at them.”
301/365 View Behind Exersise Bike

302/365 Decrepit Ipod
This was my condolence purchase after my engagement busted up so long ago. A while ago, my dad started teaching country line dancing classes and he would borrow it, finally giving me a new one so he could have this one. I still do all the adding and deleting of songs. Funny, how ancient it looks now.
302/365 Decrepit Ipod

303/365 Snowy Ground
The ground that was “golden” only yesterday is now white. Been snowing on and off for 24 hours. I can’t remember a time it has snowed so early here. They say we’re in for a bad winter. Didn’t think it would start so soon.
303/365 Snowy Ground

304/365 My favorite sign in my town. Who would go left?
304/365 Cookies This Way

305/365 Frogs 55
305/365 Frogs 55

306/365 Snowy Barn
306/365 Snow - November 16


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