312-315 Kids Night Out

312/365 Kid’s Night Out. My church offers a free night out for kids. It’s such a nice little service for families in the community. I try to take Dollface and her friend each month and stay to help with all the kids. It’s exhausting after a full day at work but it’s fun.

One of the littlest girls who comes, C.alla, came up to me during the movie and said, “Hey!  This nose is making me not able to breath.  There is a giant boogie stuck in there and YOU have to get it out!  Just don’t nail it out!”  Yikes! I immediately turned her over to the mom in charge.  It is now referred to as the “Booger Incident”.

Another one of my favorite kindergarten age girls, Z.innia, was cuddling up to me and putting her arms around my thigh.  She just kept hugging and cuddling my thigh.  I commented that I was built way differently from her mama (who is very slender).  She gave me the “so so” sign and said, “More or less”  then she told me I smelled like candy.

312/365 Thanksgiving Photo Booth

They had a scavenger hunt in the sanctuary. At first it seemed a little disrespectful but then I decided it was good for the kids to explore and get familiar with all parts of the church.

313/365 Sanctuary Scavenger Hunt

My first time looking closely at the back of the sanctuary. Looks pretty plain.

314/365 Back of Sanctuary

Craft time – For a craft this month they made a turkey out of a cup and then attached at string with a little piece of sponge to the inside. You scoot the sponge along the string and it makes an annoying “turkey call”.   Fun being trapped in the car with two of those little turkeys and their calls on the way home.

315/365 Faith and Alyssa Cutting Up


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