Pie In The Face

Sooo…there was a contest. The kids had to guess how many star candies were in a big jar. I made a guess myself, I think I guessed 3,367. The prize for guessing closest to the number was throwing a pie at the teacher of your choice. They were only able to do it if the goal for the book fair was met, which it was. I was one of the closest guessers too so I got to throw a pie at a student. One of my former first graders chose me as a pie target. I was the only dual thrower and throwee. That, my friends, is why I had to come home tonight and wash C.ool Wh.ip out of my hair.

326/365 Me and Markell - After the Throw

325/365 Brianna S Throws

Jennifer After The Throw

It probably says something about my life that this was the second pie I’ve had thrown in my face. The first one was a surprise throw by my stinker brother. I turned around and suddenly couldn’t breath because there was whipped topping up my nose.


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