Grandma’s Rings

A while back I was thinking about my grandma’s wedding rings. I can remember so clearly what they looked like on her finger and I wish I had a photo of her hands. I emailed my aunt asking if she could take a photo of the rings and send it to me…I thought a picture of the rings would be good tohave.

Aunt L writes back that she’d been frantic because she hadn’t been able to find the rings. Looked everywhere and even checked the safe deposit box but couldn’t find them. After a few days, she sends me a few fuzzy photos and says Thank God, she found the rings but couldn’t get a decent picture of them.

When I was over there for Thanksgiving, I asked her if I could take photos of the rings. She trots off to the pantry and tells me to look. She pulled out a soup can and shows me that it’s a fake can with a screw on lid to hide “valuables” in. She laughed and fussed about how she couldn’t find the ring but finally something tripped in her mind and she remembered they were in a fake soup can.  She wore me to secrecy. I think she said even her daughters didn’t know about it.

These rings bring back such strong memories of my grandma. She had the strongest Faith of anyone I’ve ever met. She always looked for the good in people and she had a lot of good common sense. She taught me how to play checkers and embroider and quilt and how to make a crown out of clover blossoms. She could do just about anything she put her hands to. She showed me how to climb a tree and said she would know when she was an old lady if she couldn’t climb a tree anymore. She had a split fingernail, I think from something heavy being dropped on it. Often, her fingertips were prickly from wielding a quilting needle.

When I was a little girl, it was a good day when I woke up to see laundry on the line across the pasture at Grandma’s. I felt this was an invitation to come and “help”. Her old washing machine fascinated me with it’s rinse tubs and wringer rollers. I loved the feeling of the damp sheets as I ran under and through them. We would sing “This is the way we wash the sheets, wash the sheets, wash the sheets.”

So many memories…I miss her.

334/365 Soup with A Secret

Wedding Band, I believe original that she wore for over 60 years even after Grandpa passed away. Probably the reason I love Black Hills Gold to this day. There is a beautiful engagement ring too but it’s with my cousin who lives far away:
335/365 Grandma's Wedding Ring

She wore this big amethyst on her pinkie finger.  She bought this for herself after she started working.  She was a teenager when she began sewing in a ladies garment factory so I’m not sure if it was at this job or her wartime job of bookkeeping at another factory where she earned the money for this ring.
336/365 GM's Amethyst

Grendma's Amethyst


2 comments on “Grandma’s Rings

  1. They’re beautiful rings. I’m glad you were able to take a picture of them. That soup can sounds a little risky. Someone could think it was old soup and toss it out.

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