347-349 – Dad’s 70th, Greyson’s 4th

347/365 – Dad’s 70th Birthday and the day before Greyson’s 4th. I wanted to plan a big party but couldn’t drum up any enthusiasm even from Dad who said he wanted to be headed to Alaska on his birthday just as he was 43 years ago when he was in the National Guard. Sorry I couldn’t make that happen, Dad.

Greyson, I miss you still everyday and wonder if you’re proud of me. xoxo
347/365 Dad is 70

348/365 – Stretch’s usual pose for pictures these days. Getting a bit old.
348/365 The Usual

349/365 – Note from a coworker on Greyson’s Birthday. I had a few kind texts and notes. A four year old’s birthday party…wouldn’t that have been something…
349/365 Thinking of Us

The day after Greyson’s 4th anniversary in Heaven, the flu tore through the family leaving no one unscathed.  Dad was getting over it at his birthday dinner so I’ve been calling him “patient zero”.    I feel that I should have put more into honoring Greyson’s special day, but I just couldn’t somehow.


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