350/365 – Unfinished Collage

350/365 – This is my refrigerator. It is covered with illustrations and magazine pics of baby and little boys. One of my more cracked activities. It all started with that little baby in the upper right corner. It was in an old children’s book which I was upcycling by using the illustrations for a craft. That little one didn’t fit the specs for the project but I could not throw it away or even put it away. It was too beautiful and too…what could have and should have been…so I stuck it on the fridge. I just kept adding…don’t know why. Sometimes I like just looking at them…sometimes I hate looking at them. It makes me feel insane to do it but I have to. What I find odd is that NO ONE who has been in my home has said anything. I’ve seen some give a sneaky raised eyebrow but no one has said a word to me.

350/365 Unfinished Collage


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