351-355 Country Stuff and Christmas Program

351/365 Christmas Barn
351/365 Christmas Barn

352/365 This is the alley the cows walk down after they have been milked. Tried to get one with the cows but they are too scared to exit the milking parlor if they see me there and by the time I get situated after they walk out, they’re gone.
352/365 Milking Parlor Alley

353/365 Dad power washing the semi. He and RV hauled 70 loads of corn to the elevator an hour away this month. A relief to have that done for 2014. The next day he scheduled orthroscopic surgery to have his gall bladder out. He’s home resting comfortably.
353/365 Dad Washing Truck

354/365 Sunday was the children’s program at church. I had wanted to stay very far away from this project. My Greyson would have been about 4 and able to participate for the first time this year. But when I opened my yap and offered to take Dollface and her friend, Friendly, if they wanted to be in it, they surprised me by actually wanting to do it so I was sucked in. A bit melancholy feeling about it but the girls worked hard and I was proud to see them preform major parts in the little play. Dollface delivered a line about S.tar S.earch vs. The V.oice especially humorously, only afterward did I find out she didn’t understand why it was funny because she hadn’t heard of S.tar S.earch before.

The best thing to come from it was that Friendly asked me if she could get baptized and when I talked to the mother she said she wanted both her kids to be baptized.
354/365 Faith and Alyssa

355/365 My godson and his family were visiting from Florida for a few days. Em was so happy to see her sister, niece and nephew. He wanted to acolyte while he was here.
355/365 Kurtis, Acolyte 2

One comment on “351-355 Country Stuff and Christmas Program

  1. At my church, there was a holiday program with a children’s candle-lighting ceremony. Each kid got to carry a votive candle in a paper cup to a table, while his or her name was announced to the congregation. It’s really beautiful. This year, one of the kids was named Greyson, and when I heard his name announced, I thought of you immediately and teared up. Wish I could offer some real comfort, but at least there’s this – you have a larger community than you know, rooting for you and wishing you happiness/healing. Hugs from afar.

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