361-364 Pennies, Ribbon, Em

361/365 Three Acorn ornaments from my coworker KG. She also gave me a gift card to buy books for Jack and Aaron’s Library.
361/365 Three Acorns from Kathy

362/365 Twin Pennies found in my garage.
362/365 Twin Pennies

363/365 Ribbon from Jack and Aaron’s funeral flowers. It’s recently graduated from my purse to their memory box.
363/365 Jack and Aaron's Funeral Ribbon

364/365 Me with beautiful Em. I don’t think I have any other pictures of the two of us in this project and she is so important to me I couldn’t leave her out. We are joining W.eight W.atchers after Christmas and this is our “Before” photo.
364/365 Paige and Emily


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