A Pops Up

Remember when SC’s 14 year old student, A, was considering giving her baby up for adoption and possibly allowing me to have it?  Well, she’s popped up again.  She’s no longer SC’s student and in a different school.  She had a baby boy in August, returning to school as a teen mom.  She and the baby have been staying either with her mother, who is a drug addict, or with her aunt, who kicked her out when she got pregnant or with the 15 year old boyfriend and his mother who drinks.  Obviously, none of these are healthy options.

Sunday, while my mother and I were at the movies, I received a urgent text and voice mail from SC saying that A has contacted her through FB wanting to show her pics of the baby and asking for my name and number and saying it was way harder than she thought it would be.  SC gave her my name but nothing else.  We’d been warned back in the spring by the lawyer not to share too much information and to quickly get her some professional representation.  SC and I decided together to pass along the name, address and number of an agency and the name and number of a birth parent counselor. I called the agency and left a very stilted and awkward message explaining the situation and that this girl might be calling.

And that’s about it.  I don’t think anything will come of it.   I really think the poor girl was have a hard day in the midst of a difficult life.  Back then, the lawyer told us that if the birth mother takes the baby home the 100% percent of the time do not change their mind and give it up for adoption no matter what the situation.  I just wish the poor girl could get some sort of help or guidance.

So my hopes are not at all up, however, my mother, who was with  me when I got the original message, is another story….even though I warned her that probably not a thing would come of it,   Still, it is a good reminder that bigger things are happening out there for me and that although I don’t believe anything is possible anymore…something is.


2 comments on “A Pops Up

  1. I hope that she can get some help and support since it sounds like she very badly needs it. I know it’s hard though for you to not get your hopes up. I think it does show that you never know what may happen tomorrow.

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