Around this time last year, I made a couple of pledges.  NOT resolutions.  I didn’t tell anyone or write them down anywhere.  I just thought about them and then tried to follow through.


1. Give $50 out of each paycheck to my church.  (SUCCEEDED)

2.  Give $50 out of each paycheck to a charity of my  choice.  (I did it a few times)

3.  Look for bargains and create as many shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child as possible. (SUCCEEDED…Although I worked on it on and off during the year and at times it made me feel unstable and insane, in the end over 65 shoe boxes were finished and delivered.)

4.  Work with Soldiers’ Angels to have at least one soldier “adopted” consistently through the year.  The commitment was to write at least one letter a week to my soldier and send at least one care package per month.  (I did this consistently for about 8 months, I believe I “adopted” 4 soldiers during this time. There was a high turn over because our military had begun to pull out of Afghanistan.  I stopped because the charity itself seemed to be having organizational problems and the turn over of soldiers was so fast, I hardly got going with one before their mail was stopped, also, it was getting a little expensive)

5.  Finish my 365 Photography Project.  (SUCCEEDED..It  took a long time but it is done.)

6.  Help with as many church activities as possible.  (SUCCEEDED…In fact, I believe I over did this one.  VBS, S.A.K. children’s summer lunch program, Spiritual Scavenger Hunt, Kid’s Night Out, monthly and probably a few others I’m forgetting.)

So I’ve been thinking about pledges for 2015 and they will look a little different than last year.  I know I did a few of the items above as part of my grieving process which I am still and will always be working through.  I still had a terribly hurting broken heart for most of this year and desperate need to “mother” and that is what all the shopping and packages was all about.  It made me feel good that some one, some where was going to receive a little package of “love” from me.  Also, I had and still am having problems with thinking that since I am not contributing to the world by raising a child, I must do all this running around to contribute in other ways.  Messed up, I know and I’m working on it.

2015 Pledges:

1.  Be as committed as I can to Weight Watchers which I joined last Saturday with Em.  It is time to begin rebuilding my health and self worth.  I would love to lose 50-80 pounds this year.

2.  Give the church a raise – $60 from every paycheck.

3.  Give $50 a month to a charity of my choice.

4.  Stop buying junk! (See 3 and 4 above)  Stop all the little “junky” projects and let #2 and 3 pledges become the contributions this year.

5.  Pay off my car loan.

6.  Begin an Emergency Fund.  I’ve always been a good saver but infertility wiped that out and the past year’s disposable income was spent on paying funeral, hospital, credit card bills, buying frivolous crap for myself and supporting my “packing habit”  see 3 and 4 above)  I believe saving $200-300 a month would be a good goal.

7.  Volunteer with Faith In Action at least 12 times this year.  This is an organization that helps elderly people stay independent by offering them rides to the doctor, treatments, shopping or other errands.

8.  Random Acts of Kindness.  My pledge is to do at least one in honor of each of my children this year and it would be great if I could more than one for each of them.  I have printed little cards and want to open it up to all my friends and family who would like to honor Greyson, Mavis, Jack and Aaron OR their own loved one this year.


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