Em made me join W.eight W.atchers with her a couple weeks ago.  At first, I told her no, that I was too fat to join and that it wouldn’t work for me but then I went home and looked at this picture which had been taken that day.  Which I show you and only you here in its unedited, uncropped form.

Floral Me

To me, it just looks like a mountain of floral, topped with a puffy unrecognizable face. And I knew….something must be done. I’m past needing to binge eat as part of grieving the loss of my family and although the portions had come down some in the past months, the quality was still completely junk. It being the holidays didn’t help.

Wanting to avoid the New Year’s trap, we began smack in the middle of the holiday season and while I was off from school. The only change I made that first week was to eat oatmeal for breakfast and I couldn’t believe the change that resulted in my feeling of physical well being. I mean, of course, I knew, but I’d forgotten. So now I’m a card carrying, point counting, fully immersed member.  The meetings sometimes seem a bit hokey to me but whatever….I’m paying for it so I might as well hear what they have to say.  I’m down 6 so far.


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