Kid Moments and WW Update

It happened over a week ago, but it was such a sweet little moment, I’ve thought about it many times since. In the morning, a class was walking in a line down the hallway with all their belongings and coats to their classroom. The little girl at the start of the line was holding a baby doll so carefully in the crook of her arm. She was looking at it so endearingly. The she bent her head over and gave the baby a little kiss on the forehead and smiled at it. It gave me a little pang. She will be a good mama.

Yesterday, Nathaniel who is in first grade, was standing in front of his locker surrounded by bookbag, coat, shoes, papers, books.  Apparently, his locker had spontaneously exploded.  I stopped to help him and told him to get the trash can from Mrs. O’s room because there was a lot of straight up trash.  After the mess was tidied, he gasped and said, “I have to return this trash can to Mrs. O because if I don’t she will take me to her world...and nobody wants to go to Mrs. O’s world…..nobody!!!”  The last word he said in a super dramatic loud whisper.

A few weeks ago, the words “finger sandwiches” came up in a book.  The girl reading it..her head snapped up with a horrified look on her face.  We had a good laugh after I explained what they really were.  She’d never heard of them before.

So I’ve been to 4 WW meetings and so far I’ve lost every week.  Down 12 so far.  This week has been tough, starting with breakfast with Em on Sunday for her birthday.  It was like that one cheat meal made me want to eat every bad thing I’ve been missing.  The stress from preparing and giving a two hour class on reading fluency for my grad class didn’t help.  Don’t know if I will see a loss this week.


2 comments on “Kid Moments and WW Update

  1. I often tell people at my weight loss group that we will have ups and downs; it’s normal. I feel that the same thing happens to me when I have something I shouldn’t, it seems like I can’t stop.

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