Made A Call

I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a licencing social worker getting information about becoming a foster parent.   On a whim I put my information into one of those “Contact Me” boxes on a website.  I figured it would go to some ‘bot email and I’d only get a form back, if anything at all.  In a matter of two hours, Kaylee had called me.  She was very friendly and knowledgeable enough to answer the many questions I asked.  I could practically hear her jumping for joy when I said I’d be willing to take a pregnant teen into my home.

So the process is started.  A lot of what I’m feeling right now is, “What the hell have I gotten myself into!” but also excitement and anticipation.  I’ve jumped off a cliff and while the exciting ride is fun I can’t help but wonder where I’ll land. Will I ride the warm winds to safe happiness or will I crash or some combo of the two?

It has been a very long time since I have had any sort of vision for what my future might look like.  It feels good to have taken this first step.


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