Welcome To The Tribe

Mom has long wanted a piece of art in the form of a tattoo. Long, long before I got mine. Even before it became mainstream. Today was the day. She thought and fussed over the design finally choosing a variation of her own art pieces. She could not have been more adorably charming with those edgy, headbanging tattooists. And they seemed to adore her too. I couldn’t help but notice they even cut back drastically on the cursing. They don’t do that when it’s just me.

It was surprising to me that Mom didn’t flinch, whimper or even say, “ow” during the whole thing. Ice water in the veins. I was proud of her. At one point, she looked at the other tattoo artist, a large man covered in tattoos and asked about his hairstyle. I held my breath, not knowing where she was going with this line of questioning. She wanted to know if it was inspired from a character on the TV show, “V.ikings”. Shocking to watch my little redheaded 65 year old mother in a pretty enthusiastic conversation with this 25 year old young man about the show.

As we left, our tattooist said to her, as he said to me after my first step into body art, “Welcome to the tribe!” I’m so grateful that I was able to help her tattoo dream come true.

In The Tattoo Chair

Almost Done


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