Check, Check, Check

A lot has been done, but there is still a lot to do in moving toward foster parenting…

27 hours of pre-foster parenting classes – Check

2 huge packets of paperwork filled out and turned in – Check

Medical check up and form filled out and turned in – Check

Fingerprints and background check – Check

3 people as references, filled out forms and turned in – Check

Pets brought up to date on their shots – Check

Twin mattress, crib, car seat and other basic paraphernalia purchased – Check

Twin bed put together – Check

So I’m ready for the social worker to come to my house and tell me  ??  I’m not ready for kids?  I’m ready and will be the perfect foster parent?  My home is ok but needs blah blah blah repairs?  Who knows?  She’s coming next Tuesday and while I’m glad it’s on the books, I still have a lot to do in 4 days and I’m having a wide, wide range of emotions as this goes forward.

My TTD list?

Put together crib.

Make medicine and cleaners inaccessible.

Rearrange my closets.

Move desk and cubicle shelf.

Get Norma B. Dog groomed.

Sweep garage and make sure outside of the house is presentable.

Clean and scrub every square inch of the house and everything in it.

All this along with coordinating our summer lunch program with it’s hundreds of lunches, 6 locations and 60 volunteers per week, making stoles for Dollface’s confirmation class and celebrating with them on Sunday.

And I’m sure 100 other things I haven’t thought about yet.  Yesterday was the last day of school…when does vacation start?


2 comments on “Check, Check, Check

  1. Exciting! But I’d skip the garage and scrubbing every inch of your house. 🙂 You’ll probably be disappointed on Hiw little they actually look at during the visit. Good luck!

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