Getting The Room Ready

Putting this room together has certainly been an emotional roller coaster.  Once again, I’ve forgotten to take a “before” picture but I can set the scene for you by saying that there was nothing in this room except a small desk which is now moved out and the bookshelf which my father built for me when I was a teenager.  I have tried to keep the expenses down to the basics because, quite frankly, I still don’t know if I will be able to go through with becoming a foster parent.

I know it still doesn’t look like much.  But this room, as it is now, represents a lot of sweat and so many tears and a little hope.  I’ve had to shut the door because just walking past reminds me of the rambunctious little boys who should be sleeping there.  But at the same time it makes me feel good to be preparing the room for some little one who needs a harbor in a storm.

Putting together a crib was especially emotional.  I did it by myself which I do not recommend but it felt like something I needed to do by myself.  It took the better part of a day and many mistakes and some sweat and a lot of tears but it’s finished.  I was surprised at how little space there is with both beds moved in.  It’s a small bedroom but now I wonder if I will be able to handle a child or two in such a small home.

The process of preparing the room has made me realize that I am expecting this experience to end badly and painfully.  I wish I wasn’t that person but I just can’t seem to shake it.

It looks quite plain to me.  I still need to hang some artwork and pick up the valances from the cleaners.   It is very difficult to make decorating decisions when you don’t know anything about the person who may be staying in the room.  There is just not much room for anything, it is so small in there….

Spare Room


7 comments on “Getting The Room Ready

  1. I think this looks like a lovely room. Well done, it must have been very hard to do. It certainly is your turn for things to work out well! Thinking of you!

  2. I think it looks lovely. The little people in the room will each add a little something to it. Give it time and it will grow to be a wonderful nest

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