lt came in the mail today.  I’m terrified.   Much to my surprise…..  This is just about the only emotion.  All I can think is that I couldn’t keep my own sweet, perfect children alive and now some schmuck in Springfield has made it official that I should be responsible for keeping children who are traumatized, not only alive, but alive and healing.  Maybe this was a huge mistake and waste of time.  What was I thinking?

I Am A Facility

I wrote the above yesterday.  After 24 hours, I’ve settled into mild but consistent anxiety about the matter.  I can always decline if and when they call to offer me a child.  I want a family and children more than anything but I’m still wondering if I should go through with this.  A facility…I am a Facility.  Seems so cold….like I should require uniforms and paint all the walls hospital green.


6 comments on “Licensed

  1. They needed a word for the paperwork so they picked “Facility” but you and your house will be safe home to any child given into your care. Ignore their words, what’s on the paperwork isn’t important how you’ll make those kids feel safe, loved, valued and cared for is all that matters. You CAN do this and you WILL be great at it!!!

  2. Breath!! Breath!! It will all work out and yes, you can decline. Make sure it feels right and work through the fear…the rewards will be greater than any fear! Oh and with parenthood comes a whole new list of fears!

  3. I agree with Kat. They needed a word and chose a goofy one. Any child who is lucky enough to be placed in your care will be blessed by your love.

  4. I’m glad you settled down. The only thing that will happen with these children you get is that they are going to have a ray of sunshine in their lives.

    Oh, and the hospital where I work seems to have a lot of yellow.

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