First Foster

I just put my first foster to bed.  This is the same 8 year old they wanted me to take at first but then called back to say they were keeping her where she was.  Now her aunt needs to “clear her head” so this is a respite placement for a week.  I don’t think this will be too different from watching my nieces when their folks go on vacation… I’ve done that a hundred times so this should be ok.

She’s a bit rambunctious but so far she listens and does what I ask of her.  She’s funny and she gets my jokes…whatever that may say about me.  She already asked if she could borrow my mascara and told me she “shaves”.  Also, that she’s been at 3 schools in her short life.  She told me her bedtime was midnight and just couldn’t figure out what I meant when I said mine was 9.  She was delighted when she discovered a little tea set and just had to “wash dishes” and sing while she did.

We said our prayers together and it my heart a pang to hear her end with, “God bless Aunt S and let her know that I really, really, really love her and please help her feel better”.


3 comments on “First Foster

  1. What a warm and caring person you are Paige, I think you are/will make the most amazing Foster Mom! Whether it’s this little girl or any other, they are lucky to have such a sweet and loving woman to comfort them or help them from whatever sadness they are going through. It warms my heart to read your updates!

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