4th of July with Sunny

I took Sunny to a local township park for fireworks.  How I love a small town.  This was Americana at its best.  Tons of little kids in red, white and blue running everywhere and getting messier by the minute.  Cute oldsters toddering around finding the best spot for their old timey aluminum chairs.  And a lot of people from the country “in town” for the holiday just enjoying old friends company and having a lot of laughs.  Traditional patriotic music playing including Sousa’s finest and all the armed forces anthems.  Hot dogs, ice cream…the whole 9.  Although I was there by myself watching Sunny at the playground most of the time, there was plenty to see.  I just had one little pang when I saw a little girl in a red, white and blue handkerchief dress…made me think of little Mavis Emily.

Sunny had a blast playing on the playground.  Good ol’ township park which still has its original teeter totter and merry-go-round.  I thought those things had been outlawed for years.  I noticed that she chose one activity and stuck with it pretty much until I pulled her away, rather than going from item to item.  At one point, her face was very red and her nose was very white.  I had never seen her or any kid look this way even when flushed from playing hard.  She’s allergic to bees and I held down panic that maybe she had been stung but after she sat down a while it went away.

She had her bratty moments.  It is so difficult for me to tell what is “normal” 8 year old behavior which I should just tell her to knock off and what is behavior which needs to be handled more gently.   She kept talking and talking throughout the fireworks asking me the same question over and over, everyone else there including the kids were hushed, enjoying the show.

Overall, it was a good night, Sunny experienced her first funnel cake, which she said was “fun..you know FUNnel cake”.   Then, she dipped her face in the left over powdered sugar.


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