Sunny Is Staying

Today, while we were finishing up at church and it was just Sunny and me there, her social worker called and asked me if I would be willing to keep Sunny a few days longer until Thursday and also would I be open to a possible more permanent placement in the future.  I said I would keep her a few days longer and consider the more permanent placement.

Sunny has been a little homesick and has been really looking forward to going home.  To tell you the truth, although I’ve enjoyed having her here, I was disappointed too.  I’m ready for some alone time.

I told her about staying until Thursday, and she was ok with that.  Stupid me, I went on to tell her it was a possibility that she may be staying quite a bit longer like until school started.   And then I watched an 8 year old girl’s heart break before my very eyes.  I shouldn’t have said anything but I wanted her to be prepared if it did happen.  She cried so hard.

She talked to her social worker and later we called her aunt which really seemed to perk her up.  It was all on speaker and I have to say Aunt sounds like a totally nice and reasonable person who loves her niece.  Pretty heart rending to hear Sunny telling her that she “really, really, really missed her” and how much she wanted to go home.

After hanging up from Aunt, Sunny seemed to be fine.  We went to pick up Dollface at day camp and signed Sunny up for the camp for the next few days.  On the way home Sunny was trying to tell Dollface about that scary movie, “A.nnaabelle” and I told her to stop because I didn’t like scary things like that.”   Of course that peaked Dollface’s curiosity.  Sunny responded with, “You want to talk about scary, getting taken away from  your family…that’s scary.”  Sums it up, I think.

Later on the way home, she insisted I had promised to take her to G.ood W.ill tomorrow because there was a pair of high heels she wanted to buy.  I didn’t remember promising that and told her we weren’t going shopping at all tomorrow because she had day camp.  She became very quiet and still in the car and when we got home she ran to her room, closed the door. I could hear her sobbing.  I peeked in on her and asked if there was anything I could do.  She asked if we could go to G.ood W.ill and when I said no, she did cry a little longer but came out fairly calm and ready to talk.

This might be the bravest little girl I’ve ever met.


4 comments on “Sunny Is Staying

  1. Wow. Such an emotional roller coaster for both of you. I am glad that you are there to provide Sunny a safe place during this time of turmoil.

  2. Paige— I have been reading along— Just wanted to pipe in and say you are both very brave! I am rooting for the best outcome for all!

  3. You’re doing a terrific job. I think that it will give her a sense of security to know the limits, even if it was heartbreaking to hear her sobs in the meantime. And how kind of you to peek in on her later and see if she was OK. I hope she will start to be happier with you!

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