Missing Dollface

One thing I realize I’m missing is Dollface.  We’ve been so close and have spent so much time together this last school year. Now, I still see her but Sunny is always there too.  The dynamic in the family has changed and I think Dollface may be realizing she’s not my only special girl and is a little jealous.  It’s difficult because the two of them squabble a lot but they always want to be together.  To tell the truth, it is usually Sunny who starts the squabbles not by being rude or mean but just by being her bold self.  It’s a little too much for our quiet, kind-hearted Dollface and she then sasses back and then Sunny’s feelings are hurt and on and on.  I don’t know how but I must make some time for just me and Dollface.

One person who has really connected with Sunny is my Dad.  He wants to hear all about her birthday parties and camp and he takes her on 4-wheeler rides.  Today, we made blackberry preserves and he acted so delighted when she gave him some, I could just see her light up with the attention.  Mom has done her part too in a more understated way, asking what she needs and sharing a little joke with her.  I am blessed to have people around me who will wrap this girl up in our family.  I’m not sure we can let go.

Dad wanted to take us out for pizza tonight and in the car, Sunny spontaneously started singing Amazing Grace.  Her own version of it as remembered from the one time she’s heard it in church.  So sweet and I got the privilege of explaining God’s sweet grace to this child.  Trying to anyway, difficult concept for eight years old.  Then we all tried to sing it.  Sunny sounded very pretty.


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