Back Chat

Sunny can be quite quick with the back chat and she’s had many tantrums that have escalated into arguments between us because the back talk become very disrespectful.  Mostly, it’s when she doesn’t get her way.  It is ok for her to tantrum or show any emotion she has but it is not ok to be disrespectful.  Anyway, we were coming home from dinner out with my school friends when we were going through this tantrum/argue/back chat routine, and I asked her why she thought we argued so much.  She answered, “Because we love each other and sometimes people who love each other disagree.”   Brought a tear to my eye…

Last night, we were playing dolls.  She’d discovered a storage tub of my old dolls circa 1975 in the basement and was fascinated.  We had a lot of fun mingling my vintage Friend Mandy with her knock off A.merican Gal doll.  When she pulled out my old Donnie Osmond doll she said, “OMG Elvis!”  When she pulled out my mother’s Madame Alexander doll she said, “Ohh I know this is an antique!”  I’d forgotten how much fun it is to be a little girl playing pretend Mama and baby.

This evening brought a chuckle too.  She told me I had better be working on finding a dad for her.  I told her I’d been working on that for 30 years.

I wish I could post pics but it’s not allowed.

This is ok though.  Dollface spent the night a week or so ago and they “treated” me by cooking breakfast.

Morning Chefs


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