BTS Week

It went pretty smoothly, all things considered.  I can feel that Sunny has relaxed into school.  It’s like, “Ahh… school, I know exactly what’s expected of me here and how this will go.”  The early morning routine is the a tad rough.  I doubt I would really be cut out for it but it’s in those first moments of waking her up that I wish I could be a stay at home mom and she could get an easier start to the day.  However, it’s a relief when I drop her off at the sitter and both our days have begun on time and with minimal fuss.

We went to a 3rd grade ice cream social designed for the third grade families to get to know each other.  It was weird.  I talked to a lot of people but didn’t really “get to know” them.  I’m so shy I fear it will be tough for me to approach her new friends’ parents to ask for play dates and sleepovers.  I met her teacher who seems really on top of things and I’ve heard nothing but glowing reports about.  She’s also the friend of a coworker of mine so we spent a few moments chatting about how we each know her, etc.  A childhood friend of mine also teaches third and I said hi to her.  A high school classmate is the third teacher on the team and she didn’t speak to me at all but I didn’t make an effort to speak to her either.  Glad Sunny didn’t end up in her class.

Sunny had an “All About My Family” poster to do this weekend.  Poor girl, wanting pictures of her own family but had to substitute ones of mine outside of a picture of her brother and one of her former foster family.  I thought it would be fun but we bickered the whole time.  I had ideas of how to be creative with it but she was having none of it which kicked me into sarcastic mode.  I have to learn to be softer and more easygoing when I’ve had preconceived notions of her work or behavior and the vision does not mesh with the reality.  I imagine that will happen many, many times so I’d better prepare for it.


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