Harriet’s Foot Massages

My Our cat, Harriet, is shy and doesn’t like to be lifted or petted.  Some might say she’s a little strange with her short tail and anti-social ways.  She stays pretty much out of sight all day.  But we, who live with her, know the truth.  She’s sweet and round with big greenish-yellow eyes and she really wants to be held and loved.
281/365 Harriet
At night, she will creep out of her hiding place and into bed with me.  She really wants to be petted and cuddled but the only way she can bear human contact is to rub herself along my feet and legs at night while I’m reading.  I call it my nightly foot massage.  No way will she ever allow a stranger or even those who are here often like Dollface to touch her.

Tonight, when I walked past Sunny’s room, there was our sweet Harriet, just massaging those eight year old feet like it was her mission in life.  And it looked so right and so …. us.

It’s official…..Sunny has been officially accepted and claimed by every member of the household.


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