Gonna Be Alright

This Monday started out pretty down.  Dregs of the painful weekend had me just not feeling like myself.  I wondered if I had jumped the gun lowering the dosage of my medication this summer.  I was even wondering if I’d made a big mistake taking in Sunny, not fair to her if I simply can’t give her what she needs.  If so, what could I do about it…I’ve pledged to never send her away.

Getting to school was actually a relief, I knew what to do and I knew Sunny was in a place where she was treated fairly and having fun.  As the day wore on, I began to feel more like myself.  I had a laugh while reading with a group of first graders and the book said something like, “The horse woke up.  Neigh, neigh.”  The first grader said, “Oh, he must want to nae nae.”  You know, like that popular dance song, “Watch Me (whip/nae nae).  I chuckled about it all evening and shared it with Sunny.

When I picked Sunny  up she gave me a big smile and said she’d had a good day.  Social Worker visited and Sunny only had good things to tell and show her.  Sewing projects, dolls, chore chart and a clean room.  SW said she seemed happy.  We had a good evening together, joking and cooking together.

Her Halloween costume came, a purple cheerleader outfit, but I must have accidentally ordered an adult size because this thing was huge.  I don’t know what kind of weird impression this kid has about Pastor J, but the first thing she said is that we could give the outfit to Pastor J to wear to her birthday party which is near Halloween.  Pastor J is a plump, little red haired southern Lady in her 50’s.  So I don’t know why Sunny thought it would suit her but I got a good laugh out of it.


2 comments on “Gonna Be Alright

  1. Glad it was a better day….. and I had one of those parenting fail weekends my self. We all do. It is amazing how they still think you are close to perfect when you know you are far from it!

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