Brody and Kimber

Sunny has been learning to sew and is quite creative with it.  One of her little projects was creating a rag doll.  Floppy, colorful thing.  I’ve talked before about Sunny and her little doll family.  “Brody” the rag doll joined right in…the first boy doll in our brood.  Sunny would vocalize for the doll and it was very funny.  A deep, nasally kind of voice.  Soon, Brody began getting in trouble for kissing the girl dolls…of course the girl dolls wanted him to be their “boyfriend”.  Brody would even say things to me like, “Hey…you’re kinda cute!”  Sunny made the doll, Mandy, a prom dress and had a little prom for the dolls.  It was fun and funny.  We laughed a lot while this was all going on even while little warning bells were going off for me.

One or two dolls always go to counseling with Sunny each week.  Some weeks she packs them all in a big bag.  This week Brody came too.  Sunny came out of her counseling session without Brody and it turned out he had to stay there with the therapist for some intense counseling about “boundaries”.  I just hope he’s behaving appropriately with the dolls that live at the therapists office.  It will be interesting to see when we go back next week if the doll, Brody, made any improvements and will he be allowed to come back home?

A baby doll has also been added to the original two “little girl” type dolls.  A doll originallly slated for donation to the kindergarten at my school.  Her name is Kimber and Sunny does an excellent job caring for her.  Again, she does the baby vocalizations and it’s so cute.  Sometimes, in the mornings Sunny complains because Kimber had a fussy night.  She’s created little night gowns and diapers for Kimber and it’s really sweet to see Sunny mothering the doll.  I stumbled upon a printable doll baby book here and Sunny couldn’t have been more delighted when I brought it home.  She spent a long time filling it out and insisted drawing pictures would never do but only real photographs.  Turns out Kimber is very advanced….according to her baby book she said her first words at three months but didn’t have her first bath until she was one.

Kimber is just about the size of my boys when they were born so it’s an eerie and sort of sad feeling when I hold her. Sometimes it makes me feel a little insane.  I’m often asked to “babysit” my “granddaughter”.  The dolls all call me “Nana” because I forbid the “G word”.

I just wrote a whole post about dolls….what could be more eerie and insane than that?


One comment on “Brody and Kimber

  1. I i’m fascinated by this post… I think an art or play therapist would be too. kids work out their feelings and confusion in the most interesting ways when they aren’t advanced enough verbally or emotionally to discuss it yet. When I was younger I had to rag dolls that I interacted with in a similar way – they both had distinct personalities and allowed me expression of different parts of myself. I think it was positive! Good for you for creating space for her to explore in these ways.

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