Kids’ Skating Party

Sunny had a skating party for her friends yesterday.  I went back and forth between inviting her whole third grade class because she’s “new” to the school but the anticipation that they might ALL show up made me just cringe.  We ended up inviting about 12 kids and I’m glad to say she had a good mix of kids there…couple from church, couple from school and a few family members.  Mom and Stretch came to help me.  I think they all had fun.  Dollface spent the night after the party and today her babysitter came and took her to the toy store to pick out her present. (A B.aby which “leaks” – she’s delighted with it but I already hate it.)

It’s Sunday evening now and we’re struggling with a case of the “spoiled rottens”, not wanting to do chores and a little back chat thrown in.  We’re both tired but it was a good weekend.

Here are a few of our preparations for the skating party.  I struggled with wanting to do every cute thing I’ve ever seen for a kid’s birthday party since I’ve never had the blessing of throwing one before.  She wanted a Halloween themed “spooky” party.   

The Cupcakes Are Watching

Oreo Eyeball Source

// Lanterns

Scary “Cup Lanterns” Source


Birthday Water Bottle// Cup Favors//

Make Up//


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