Sunny is 9

Dear Sunny,

Sweet Girl, you are always writing me notes, I am writing you one for your 9th birthday.  Thank you for bringing so much into my life:  silly jokes, sewing, homework, “Facts of Life” and “WITS Academy”, bedtime stories, skating shows and making me “Nana” to your little doll family.  My home was empty before you came but now it is full of laughter, smiles, singing, play and creativity.

During the 4 months you have been with me, I have watched you go through some of the hardest experiences a human being can go through.  I know you have felt broken-hearted and hurt but you have handled it all with so much grace and strength.  You’ve shown love and forgiveness to those who have caused you pain.  You have worked hard to adjust to a new home and family, to get good grades and make friends at a new school, to do chores and help on the farm, have fun and be adventurous.

You have shown me love and have helped my heart open to love again.  You are the strongest little girl I have ever met and I am very proud of you on your birthday and every day.  Don’t ever forget that God made you beautiful and perfect.  He loves you so much and so do I.

I ❤ you.


You know what that girl said after she read this heart felt letter?

She said, “You’re Welcome.”

Little Squirt


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