The Real Birthday

My dad went into the hospital for a minor GI issue and ended up getting sent to the Big City Hospital the day before Sunny’s birthday to be looked at by a Big City Doctor.  I had taken Sunny’s birthday off so that I could get her off to a more gentle start than our usual 6am rush. Then, I had planned to clean the house, bake and decorate a cake with cookie “eyeballs”, wrap presents and lots of other domestic goddess type things.

With Dad in the hospital, those plans changed.  I still got Sunny off to a great start with a decorated door and bathroom mirror, pumpkin pancakes on a special plate and one present to unwrap.  I’m still in “Martha” mom mode.  After, I dropped her at school, I headed to the hospital.  Mom was acting weird about the whole thing and wouldn’t go there with me.  Not sure if it was denial or what.  She chose to stay at home and supervise the carpet installation she had scheduled.

I’d planned to stay a few hours and then head home in time to do some birthday stuff.  He was in there for something minor after all and we thought we was only in there for observation.  After I’d been there a couple hours, a doctor’s assistant came in and explained that he was going to have a procedure.  We were both surprised.  We had thought he would be observed for a day or two and then sent home.  Of course, I couldn’t just run off and leave him being taken away for a procedure, no matter how minor.  There was a lot of calling between Mom, E, C and Aunt L.  I decided it was really too far for someone to drive all the way there just so I could be drive all the way home to do birthday stuff.  Thankfully, I have a class A brother and sister-in-law and they filled the gap I had left.  E picked up pizza and Stretch frosted the cake and C opened her home to the party.  The procedure took longer than anticipated (he’s fine) and it became too late for me to even attend the party.  It was all over by the time I got there but no body really seemed to care except me.  Sunny was excited to show me her gifts but it didn’t seem to matter to her that I wasn’t there.

When we got home she was happy to open her My Friend Mandy and Jenny dolls which were one of my gifts to her.  The day after her birthday was Halloween parade and party at her school and a Halloween dance in the evening.  Our Babysitter was supposed to take Sunny to the dance and then keep her overnight but her kid got sick.  It was also parent/teacher conferences at my school and the one night of the semester I have to work late.  E took Mom to see Dad and afterwards again C and E filled in the gap and took Sunny along with Dollface to the dance.

The next day was a half day of conferences at my school so at noon I headed to Big City Hospital to pick up Dad then went to pick up his medicine.  Babysitter took Sunny and Dollface from C while C had to work and then C took them back for the afternoon.  I was barely able to be in time to meet C, Dollface and Sunny at a neighborhood party and then trick or treating which takes place one day early in our town because we have a big parade on the 31st.

So it’s been busy and crazy and I feel as though I’ve missed a lot and not been there for Sunny the past few days.  This is the first glimpse of being that middle generation who takes care of both parents and children.  I’m leaning on my family for childcare way more than I thought I would.

Also, Trick or Treating is exhausting.  I don’t remember it being so tiring.  I had fun though and I think the best part was walking with my brother and reminiscing about our own childhood Halloweens and wondering why Trick or Treating candy tastes so much better than regular candy.


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