A Time Of Calm

Well, I really hate to jinx things by talking about it, but we’ve been tantrum free for about a week now.  By we, I mean her…ok Me too.  Things are pretty nice right now.  I’m reveling in doing some of the things I thought I’d never be able to do or experience.  Tucking a kid into bed after prayers and reading a chapter of my favorite childhood book is pretty special and most nights I cherish it.

Also, I just love when they call us at the doctor’s or at school and they say something like, “Sunny and her mom are here.” So silly but I never thought I’d hear those words in relation to myself.

We were at the dentist last night and they sent her home with a mask and gloves to play with.  The dolls and I all got an exam, complete with paperwork and treasure box.

I gave her a karaoke machine for her birthday and she’s been having a lot of fun putting on shows.  I was down there doing a duet with her, the song was “I Got You, Babe”.  I was killing it doing my best Cher imitation.  She asked me why I kept flicking my hair back.  She will even play down there for hours by herself.

You might be wondering about the doll, Brody.  Apparently, he did make enough progress during his extended stay at the counselor to come home and I must say he’s been much more respectful to the girl dolls since his return.

On these good days, I laugh so much.  There was a time, I never thought I’d laugh that hard ever again.

She loves to write notes and I enjoy even the angry ones.  I get this kind in times of calm:
Once Upun A Time Note//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Right now we are planning an interactive movie viewing and we are having a lot of fun getting everything ready.  More on that another time.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to the sweetest little lady I’ve ever known, my Aunt Alys.  I miss you all the time and wish Sunny could have met my favorite aunt who made every thing special.


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