The Next Day

On the way home from the counselor, Sunny asked me if I had any questions about what she and Counselor talked about after I left the session.  In return, asked her if she had any questions.  Again she asked about how I got Jack and Aaron.  I told her that a doctor had helped me with a medical procedure.  That was yesterday.

Today, she told me that Counselor offered to loan her a mirror so she could look at her vagina.  Ugh… I didn’t know what to say!  This counselor is going to give me grey hair!  She then told me she had looked at herself before her bath last night but all she could see was a “big hole!”  We both had a bit of a chuckle over it.  I get the feeling she thinks she’s a new member of some sort of club.

Later on she was saying she couldn’t believe people did “it” and why would they want to.  She follows it up with “At least you didn’t ever have to do ‘it’ because the doctor “helped” you to get Jack and Aaron.”  She said it with such relief in her voice like I was so lucky to have avoided sex.  I tried to explain how beautiful “it” can be when two people are adults and love each other.  I don’t think she quite bought it.

This was all in between playing “librarian story time” with the dolls and making glasses out of pipe cleaners for the dog and making rice pudding and I just wish she didn’t have to grow up and leave girlhood behind.  I selfishly want more time with the “little” girl.

I’m so glad she feels comfortable enough to talk about this with me but….ugh…  I never know what to say and although I try to play it open and cool, I feel quite awkward.


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