Sound of Music 50th Anniversary

This is my favorite movie.  My very favorite.  I know I’ve watched The Sound of Music at least 20 times, maybe more.  So you know I was appropriately horrified to find out that Sunny had never seen it.  My friend, SC, loves the movie too so we decided to have an interactive movie viewing and when we discovered it was the 50th anniversary of the greatest musical ever made, we decided we had to go all out.   We had so much fun geeking out.  I think I might have had more fun working on the decorations than at the actual party.

Sound of Music Beverages

Pink Parasol Source

Raindrops on Roses Water Bottle Source

Favorite Things To Snack On

Do Re Mi Decoration

Do Re Mi Wall Source

Auf Wiedersehen Favor Bags

So Long, Fairwell Favor Bags Source

S of M Prizes Musical Notes

Do Re Mi Favors

Do Re Mi Candy Wrapper Source

We sent sweet little telegram invitations and I had pictures of all Maria’s “Favorite Things” up on my windows with blue ribbon and photos from the film stuck up around the house.

I  must say everything was beautiful and Sunny and I had a good time planning and talking about the party for weeks before.

A few of my friends even dressed up.  I was Sister “Paige Margaretta”, Sunny was “Girls in White Dresses With Blue Satin Sashes”, and SC looked quite authentic as Maria when she first came to the VonTrapp’s Estate.

It was good to see these particular friends again and we had so so much fun.  Playing games related to the movie, making comments about the dialog or the characters’ costumes and singing our heart out.

I’m sure there are a few sources I’m forgetting and I apologize for that.


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