After The Party

After the party, Dollface was supposed to sleep at my house but when C called downstairs to tell her she was leaving…well, I don’t know exactly what was said but suddenly C was taking Sunny home with her.  Nobody asked me…they just said they were going and left.  It happened very fast and at the time I thought it was ok.  After they left and the house was quiet and empty it didn’t feel right.  I couldn’t enjoy the after glow of the party because I had pictured enjoying it with Sunny.  Debriefing the party with her and laughing at all that had happened.

The next morning, E came to drop Sunny off, I thought, but again before I could say anything she was in her room  changing her clothes assuming she would be going with E and Dollface to get shoes.  Again, no one consulted me…My brother did say something like, “She can come with us, if she wants”   I did put my foot down this time and told her she hadn’t asked me and she couldn’t go…that she had to stay home with me and E and Dollface needed to spend time together, just them, too.

Then I had to live with being the bad guy for the rest of that day.  Not a good feeling and one I am become all too familiar with all too often.

Why do other people keep stealing my parenting?

Why doesn’t Sunny seem to like being at home with me?  This is really bothering me.

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