Movies and Elves and…

Movie Night:   One thing I am cherishing is sharing things with Sunny that are my own favorites or favorite memories.  Tonight it was The P.rincess B.ride.  She loves fairy tales and fantasy so I knew it would be a hit. Thanks to her therapist I had to have this conversation:

While watching Humperdink’s attempts to force Buttercup into marriage:

Sunny:  She does not like him!  I bet she will NEVER have children with him and if he forces her… it’s called RAPE!

Me:  Yes, that is true.  A man should never, never force a woman to have sex or to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  Hurting or forcing does not ever mean love.

Thank you, Therapist.  Yes, it was necessary knowledge, blah, blah, blah.

Kindness Elves:  I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth on the whole Elf business whether it be the shelf kind or the kindness kind.  She is  a bit old for it.  I also wanted to do an advent calendar and both just seemed like too much.  I did want to make the season magical for her so I buckled into the Kindness Elf camp.  I have to say it was worth it just to hear that first gasp of amazement when she found them.  Pictures coming soon.

5 years:  Today marked 5 years since my sweet, perfect boy, Greyson was born beautiful and silent.  Although there were distractions, it was a difficult day with constant thoughts of him and what could have been.  I cried hard with my mother for a few minutes.  The empty spot he left will never go away, it will always be painful.  Sunny has made me a parent but Greyson was the first to make me a Mother.  I will never, never forget the absolute joy of knowing I was pregnant or the giddiness of feeling my baby move inside me or the many hours of happy dreaming I did while I had him with me.  I love you, my Sweet Pea.  You are always in my heart and thoughts.  xo


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