Conversations with Lea

So Lea the doll has quickly become ensconced in our family with all of Sunny’s other doll “children”.  The morning after bringing her home, Sunny was “sick” and didn’t want to go to school.  She finally admitted that she didn’t want to leave Lea at home alone all day. When we finally did get out the door, I was admonished with, “You didn’t say good bye to Lea!”.

On the way to her theater class on Tuesday, Sunny kept telling Lea over and over again that she would never ever have to go back to the Am. G.irl store.  Never, ever.  She was with us forever and didn’t have to be scared that she was going to move.  Then Lea must have tried to hug Sunny very tight because Sunny said to her, “Oh, oh, easy, hugs shouldn’t hurt!”   This is an issue she and I have been working on too.

Wednesday, I got a note from Sunny’s teacher telling me that Sunny had attempted to cheat on a “mad minute” math test.  I admit I was contemplating taking Lea away for one night as part of the punishment but then in the back seat I could hear Sunny making Lea talk.

Lea:  I don’t love you anymore, Mommy.

Sunny:  Why not?  I love you.

Lea:  You did something bad and you are a bad person so I don’t love you.

Sunny:  I’m sorry I cheated!  I won’t do any more bad things.

Lea:  I want to sleep with Nana.  She’s good and you’re bad.

So I didn’t take the doll away but instead “spoke” to Sunny through the doll telling her I loved her no matter what she did and that she wasn’t bad and that making a bad choice didn’t mean I didn’t love her or that Lea didn’t love her.  It was just one bad choice and something to learn from and on and on…..

I have to day that L.ea has become quite the “therapy doll”.  She might just put Sunny’s actual therapist out of a job by opening a dolly counseling center.


One comment on “Conversations with Lea

  1. I always want to comment but there are so many layers and so many sad and also wonderful things happening for Sunny and you. I don’t even know where to start. I feel for her and I wish I had a magic wand to right her life and take away the turmoil. I believe she will remember this day always! Cell phone shmell phone.

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