Triangle Friendship

This weekend my two best friends and I celebrated 15 years of friendship by getting tattoos. After the yayas effectively broke up, these two became my strength and my refuge. They stood by me infallibly when Greyson died and were there when Jack and Aaron were born.  Their kindness, compassion and strength helped me survive the cruel hell my “life” became after the twins died.  Givers of good advice, listeners to every problem and joy whether big or small, celebrators of my achievements, commiseraters of my failures, bolsterers of my esteem, my fellow schemers, dreamers and comedians.  Persevering through some weeks would me far more difficult if I didn’t have our support sessions to look forward to.  We can go from the repartee of 14 year old boys to the seriousness of life’s heartaches to throwing around wisecracks about getting older several times during the interval of drinking a latte.  When together and even apart, we are so much more than the sum of our parts.  I rarely feel as free or laugh as hard as when with these ladies.  They are more than friends, they are sisters whom I love and cherish.  Here’s to many more adventures, Triangle Tribe!

Booey  Triangle Tattoos


2 comments on “Triangle Friendship

  1. I just looked at your foster/adopt timeline and saw that you are officially adopting Sunny! OMG I am so happy to read that! Congratulations 🙂

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