Umbilical Cords

This morning Sunny asked me if babies had some sort of “black thing” on them.  After questioning her further and her coming out with the phrases “dried up” and “like a stick”. I deduced she was talking about the umbilical cord.  Apparently, this was mentioned in one of the “D.iary of a W.impy” books?  Strange topic for a kids’ book, I thought.  We had a long talk about the umbilical cord and what it does and how does it do that?? and where it goes after the baby is born and had she had one and had I and does every one?

This evening Sunny brought home a S.cholastic book order.  As I’m sure many of you know, this is a source of great anticipation and excitement for kids.  We spent a long time pouring over the pages making decision about which book (and other junk like a fake cell phone that squirts water) should be had.  Sunny asked me if she could pick out a book for this kid at school who she had found out likes to read but has no books at home.  He wished he had a G.oose B.umps book.  She wanted to spend her own money for it.

What remarkable and surprising conversations to have in my life!  What a remarkable and surprising girl!  And giving and curious….   Never could have imagined….

What will come out of that brain of her’s next….stay tuned…


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