Sunny’s Baptism

First off, I’d like to say I in no way pushed this child into this.  We were volunteering this summer at Mt. J. Baptist Church.  When she read the sign, she shouted, “I want to be baptized!”  and she didn’t drop the subject for weeks.  DC.FS has a rule that the kids can’t be baptized unless they have been placed 6 months or longer and also it’s one of the few things the birth parents can control, although not in our case because the parents surrendered their rights. So when we realized that six months time came close to Valentine’s Day and it fell on a Sunday it seemed like the perfect day to do it.  It might have been my most memorable V day ever.

Sunny was so so excited.  She’s been telling people for weeks about the upcoming event. I’ve been working hard on decorations and food, etc.  The biggest snow storm of the year occurred on the same day so we fought our way through the weather as did quite a few of our guests.  I was gratified to see so many people gather around for Sunny and me.  We both felt very loved.

Earlier in the service during children’s time, Pastor J mentioned that there was a lot going on this Sunday.  First Sunday of Lent, Valentine’s Day and Sunny’s baptism at which point Sunny turned around and “princess waved” to the congregation.

I was surprised to be so emotional on this day.  I was just so proud of her and so happy to see her happy.  I was tearful…I remembered Jack and Aaron’s baptism in the hospital after they were born and I wished my boys could all be there.  To make them part of the day in a small way, I had dedicated the flowers to the memory of Greyson, Mavis, Jack and Aaron.

After she baptizes babies, Pastor J always walks, with them in her arms, up and down the aisle showing them to every one.  She tells the congregation that forever forward, when they see this child running in the aisle or playing in the nursery he or she belongs to us.  They are part of our church family now.  It’s the part that’s toughest for me because envision every thing that should have been for my boys.  But this time it was nothing but pure joy.  Sunny was so happy and looked so “light”.

Afterwards, Pastor J said God had really “showed up” for this one and she was so overwhelmed, she nearly forgot what to do next.

Sunny was so sweet and adorable and so in love with this day.

We went down to the church’s hospitality room, decorated with pink and hearts and flowers.  It was awfully cute, even if I do say so myself.  Sunny had practiced a little speech welcoming every one and thanking them for coming before inviting them to pray together and eat.  She charmed every one.

I hope Sunny will always remember this day with joy.  I know I will.

Here are a few of the decorations:
We had a hot chocolate bar and Sunny helped with some of the signs:
Coco Sign   Coco Bar Instructions
Baptism Desserts



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