Adoption Worker

Our usual SW is young, energetic and friendly, ASW is serious, older and not too humorous.  She made Sunny uncomfortable from the start.  This lady was very into her paperwork and asking me to clarify some of my answers.  She asked me some pretty personal stuff, like why I was on antidepressants and if I hadn’t been married, how did my pregnancies come about.  She also asked some not too personal stuff such as what do Sunny and I like to do together.  She took notes on everything.

Although, Sunny gave it her best adorable shot, ASW was having none of it.  She just didn’t chat much at all or want to talk or play with Sunny.  In fact, the only time she got remotely animated was when I asked her how long she’d been in social work and about her family. She has 7 kids, 4 of them adopted.

But regardless of personal observations, she seems to be competent.  She said she was ready to mail off our packet with the exception of one little missing piece.  I have to call Sunny’s dentist and have them write a letter stating that Sunny may someday need braces. Obscure, no?

Next steps?  ASW will mail a two inch stack of paperwork off to DC.FS.  She will also mail a packet to my lawyer.  In a week or two, the lawyer will set up an appointment to go over every thing with me.  After that, provided all goes smoothly and there are no corrections to do on the paperwork, it’s just waiting on the government and the court system.


4 comments on “Adoption Worker

  1. YAY! Another step taken!!! 🙂 It’s possible that this social worker was just having a bad day and wanted to push though it to get home to relax. Maybe she’ll be more interactive next time? Even if she isn’t, as long as she’s getting the job done correctly and in a timely fashion, who cares what her attitude is like!?!?!

    Wanting a note from the dentist saying Sunny might need braces someday does seem a bit strange. The only thing I can think of is since you are adopting from foster care Sunny might be able to keep the medical insurance she has through the state. Its possible that they would need something noted before the adoption was final in order to have the braces covered. But that seems outlandish too.

  2. So I’m a really bad follower who hasn’t read blogs in I have no idea how long. I just went back and read since April of last year. You’ve had so much happening! I’m so happy for you and all the good things. I hope for many more for you. I’m sorry for the sad times too and hope those become a little easier when they do occur. Hugs to you Paige.

  3. I’ve missed so much over the past months that I haven’t logged into wordpress. This is so exciting. I need to read back but let me just say how happy I am at this. Congrats so far.

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