Very exciting happenings here….Sunny has had a friend over (who is not related to me) for the first time.  Squeee!  I thought this might never happen.  She talks about this friend of her’s from school every day…EVERY day.  And sometimes the stories aren’t too nice but I’m sure the stories about Sunny aren’t all nice either.

They got off the bus together giggling and very quickly my house became the victim of Hurricane Girl.  Running around, screaming, laughing, dancing, singing..all in high heels and dress up gowns.  At bedtime, I found myself sighing in contentment, as the noise in the next room went from loud laughter and squeals to softer giggles and whispering finally to silence..  This is a big step for Sunny.

I have to say the girl is annoying and very bossy and eats with her mouth open and she talks about making her mom do and buy stuff but who cares.  She’s also creative and fun and has a strong personality which is a good counterpart for Sunny’s.

The friend had told Sunny that she was also a foster kid who had been abandoned as a baby which may explain the attraction. Later on we found out that was a mistake or a “story”. Anyway, I’m thrilled for Sunny to have made this transition from school friend to a friend that visits us at home.

One exchange I enjoyed:

Sunny:  Paige, can we….                                                                                                                                   JR:  Call her Mom!                                                                                                                                               Sunny:  Umm I do sometimes.                                                                                                                        JR:  You live with her so you should call her Mom ALL the time.




6 comments on “Sleepover

  1. What a sweet exchange! Something tells me Sunny will be calling you Mom all the time before long. I’m glad Sunny has a new friend but sorry she’s sort of annoying. On the bright side she’s still young, I’m sure she’ll grow into a lovely young woman with time.

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